Question: what are some symptoms of breast cancer

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  1. Symptoms of breast cancer include changes in the shape of the breast and the presence of lumps in the breast. Most of the time there aren’t a lot of outward symptoms for breast cancer. Paying attention to the shape of the breast means you can tell if there are any changes to the shape of the breast over time.If you think there are changes to the shape of your breast, any swelling, redness or dimpling, then definitely see a doctor to check it. Lumps in the breast are also symptoms of cancer. It’s important to check the breast after a menstrual cycle.During each cycle, the breast is remodelled. At the end of the cycle, the breast breaks down alot of the tissue so that is the best time to check for lumps. These are some of the symptoms. You can checkout what some of the other less common symptoms are at the Breast Cancer Foundation: