Question: Is laser surgery, for eyes and such, 100% or is it still dodgy? Will it always be dodgy?

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  1. Every kind of surgery has some kind of risk attatched, so nothing is ever 100% risk-free. Laser eye surgery can have some complications, but they are quite low, and the technology is improving all the time.

    One of my friends has had laser eye correction and he loves not having to wear glasses now! But every person is different, so it’s important to talk with doctors and ask lots of questions and make sure you understand any medical procedure that you’re thinking about.


  2. You have actually brought up quite serious problem in the community, the perception of medicine as being ‘100%’ or ‘dodgy’. Unfortunately this perception is often encouraged the media, marketing and some doctors.

    is important to realise that no medical treatment, including laser eye surgery is 100% safe or effective. This means that there will always be a chance that it does nothing to help, and there will always be chance of some side effects. For laser eye surgery, the risk are supposed to be low, but they are not zero and they never will be.

    Receiving any medical treatment, drugs, surgery or otherwise is about weighing the potential rewards against the risks. This is why it’s important to discuss treatments with you doctor, ask lots of questions and get 2nd opinions (or more) if you are unsure.