Question: even if you do find a cure for cancer, a company will probably buy it off of them and not tell people about it and ditch it afterwards so people still buy useless products that do not work. do you agree?

  1. I do not agree.

    Discovering a cure is not enough, it must be developed to get it to market. This includes not only continued testing of the cure but also things like designing and building the machines and processes that will be required to produce the new cure on a mass scale, as well as marketing it so people know about it. This development can take years and cost millions of dollars, these companies put up that time and money and take that risk.

    It is true that this process is not perfect. In order to make back the costs of development companies must charge money for the cure which is why they can be expensive when they get to market. However, there is no reason to think that companies buy up cures and then keep them a secret. It is true that some treatments fail in development, but this not because of some conspiracy to keep them a secret it is because further testing has found some problem with bringing them to market.

    If someone developed a drug that cured cancer today, I think that the pharmaceutical companies would be all over it to try to be the first company to bring it to market and be selling a cure for cancer.


  2. I also disagree. It doesn’t quite happen that way with drugs for cancer or any other disease. Getting a treatment on to the market takes at least 10 years of research and at least $1 billion.

    First, you have to do all the initial research into whether the treatment works,and how it works.Then you need to go through many rounds of testing in clinical trials to make sure that it is safe to use in humans,and that it does treat the disease well. During these clinical trials,you will also find out if there are any side effects.

    Once you have passed all the safety requirements, you then need to package the drug and market it so that patients and doctors know that that there is say, a new treatment for lymphoma or for breast cancer.

    All of this costs a lot of money, which most scientists don’t have. You need pharmaceutical companies to work hand in hand with scientists to help get treatments out there. And to recoup the enormous costs of doing the research,you have to put a price on the treatment. There isn’t any conspiracy involved. It’s very expensive to make a treatment. Some treatments do fail in clinical trials even though initial research suggested that it might work.Some treatments may have severe side effects that mean it is unsafe to use. So there are many reasons why some treatments never make it to the market,but they are scientific reasons 🙂

    As Lee points out,if anyone found one single cure for cancer, no one would stop that getting out there and everyone would love to be the first to get a cure for cancer onto the market.