Question: can i some how change my inny' belly button to a an outy' by some scientific magic?

  1. Science and magic are separate and I say that scientific magic does not exist.

    A belly button is just a scar. When you are born you are attached to you mother by an umbilical cord. The doctor cuts the cord leaving a bit behind which dies and falls off, then the skin heals over the wound forming a scar that we call the belly button.

    This means that whether you have an inny or outy belly button just depends upon how the skin heals and how the scar forms. It is not genetic and it doesn’t depend on how the doctor cuts the cord. You probably know that most people have innies and only some have outies. I’m sure there are ideas on why the outies have healed the way they have, but I don’t know what they are.

    The only way I know of changing an inny to an outy would be cosmetic surgery, and that’s a drastic measure to take to change your belly button!