Question: if you won a billion dollars would you keep it or give it away

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  1. A billion! That’s beyond my wildest dreams.I don’t think any lotto is that rich either!

    But if I had a billion..I’d probably use a bit of it to be financially secure.But the rest – $999 million? First set up a trust so you’re money isn’t spent and gone in one hit! Then I’d use to help build schools in developing countries, help set up health care systems, pay for vaccines to be delivered, and pay for research into diseases that need more money for study and affect a huge number of people. So vaccines and treatments for diseases like malaria,HIV, trypanosome diseases like Leishmania (which I studied during my Honours year), tuberculosis – all these urgently need funding for research.And I’d donate some money to research for other cancers that I don’t study, like leukaemias and pancreatic cancer.

    I’ve travelled and lived in Sri Lanka and visited India,and I’m always amazed at how it really takes just a small amout of money in dollar terms to set things up.Books and school supplies for kids costs a few Aussie cents. There’s so much you can do with $100 Aussie dollars.


  2. I would definitely give it away .. at least 99% of it anyway!

    I would make sure the money was used to fight poverty, illness and inequality in the developing world. To make the world a safer, healthier and fairer place by giving everyone access to health care and education. I am not sure a billion dollars would be enough, but it would be a good start!

    Last week Bill Gates gave a billion dollars away to a vaccine fund that will make sure people in developing countries have access to the same vaccines that we do in wealthier countries. There was a big press conference in London, where lots of people pledged money from all over the world, including Kevin Rudd from Australia – I was so proud that Australia is helping to to save lives and protect people from disease!


  3. That’s a huge amount of money and way more than I would need to support myself and my family for the rest of our lives.

    So I would keep a little bit and set myself up so that I’m financially independent. The rest would be split amongst donating to charities and funding research.

    I see poor education as a big problem is poverty stricken areas and so some of the money would be donated to programs that support the development of schools and education resources in areas that need them. Not just in third world countries but also in part os Australia where lack of education is a problem.

    As a researcher I see a need for more research on a wide range of areas (not just medical), but a shortage of fund to support it. So I would use some of the money to set up a small granting agency for scientific research.