Question: Is a zooligist the same as a veterinarian .

  1. Zoologists and veterinarians do very similar jobs as they both involve working closely with animals.

    I think the difference between a zoologists and a vet is kind of like the difference between a medical research scientist and a doctor in a lots of ways…

    A veterinarian examines animals, diagnoses their diseases and treats and cares for them – and deals with the immediate needs for the health of the animal. A zoologist works on animal science and does research on things like animal health and diseases and animal behavior and survival – which is more to do with the long term future of animals.

    Of course there is a lot of cross-over between the two, some vets do research and some zoologists treat animals for disease, but those are the main differences.


  2. A vet is like a physician for animals, they diagnose and treat sick animals. They are also animal surgeons and animal pharmacists.

    A zoologist is a scientist who studies animals. They learn all about animals what they eat, where they live, how they breed, how they get sick, how to treat them, how their bodies work, anything and everything. A lot of what they learn is used by vets to treat sick animals.