Question: Could you put your brain in a younger body and still live?

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  1. Not yet. Although I’m sure there are plenty of people who want to.

    The limitation here is that we have no way of cutting the spinal cord and then reattaching it. Once it is cut it is cut. Fixing spinal cords is quite an active area of research, not so much for transplanting brains, but to cure spinal cord injured people.


  2. No one has done a brain transplant on a person yet, but there are doctors are talking about ways it could be done.

    Firstly, it would have to involve a whole head transplant. This is so all the internal connections, such as blood vessels and nerves, would stay intact. So really it is more like a “whole-body” transplant than just the brain.

    Secondly, we’re not quite ready to do this as no one has worked out how to get nerves to heal properly. So reattaching the brain to the spinal cord and the spine still isn’t possible. A solution to this problem would also help paralysed people, so many scientists are using stem cell technology to look at ways to grow and attach new nerves.

    The way i think about it is that 100 years ago, no one had ever had a transplant of any type, and it was only 50 years ago that transplants become a reliable operation. Now transplants operations are performed every day all over the world for the heart, lung, kidney, liver, and more. Who knows what medical breakthroughs we will have in the next 50 years time!



  1. You could invent a type of gel … maybe i know you could call it bio- gel and it could preserve peoples brains and organs. And then we can all live to immortality and still be young ( i’m talking about Kids) .


  2. So just as brains? Or would we need to transplant them?


  3. wouldn’t there be a problem about population then?