Question: Can I add machines to my body so can be as strong as robo-cop?

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  1. Not yet, well not in the way you mean.

    There is quite a bit of research into interfacing machines with the body. Sometimes to enhance people, but mostly to help those with a disability. We still cannot interface directly with the nervous system, however we can read other signals generated by the body, like muscle activity, force, movement and have a computer process theses as instructions to control a robot. This is how some more advanced prosthetic limbs work.

    We are still a while away from Robo Cop or Deus Ex style cybernetic implants.


  2. Not yet, but there is an amazing amount of research being done to get the brain to interact with machine implants. Like the bionic ear, an Australian invention that allows deaf people to hear.

    A new project involving the US Pentagon is looking at artificial bionic arms that can be controlled by the power of the mind! The bionic arm will be fully controlled by sensors implanted in the person’s brain, so the arm is totally responsive to the person’s thoughts. They even want to make it so that when something touches the robotic arm, electrical impulses are sent to the person’s brain and they can actually feel with the artificial arm. Amazing.

    Picture of the bionic arm here:

    So now we have a bionic ear and a bionic arm is on its way – what would you like to see next?