Question: Would it be phsically possible to implant a watch into your wrist?

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  1. Yes, but just any watch.

    The trick to implanting things in the body is to avoid what is called the ‘foreign body response’. This is the response the body has to quarantine, attack and breakdown things that don’t belong in the body. Implants are made from special materials called biomaterials, which don’t react with the body and some implants exploit drugs to dull the formation of scar tissue and other responses to foreign materials.

    Another problem with implants in breaching the skin. If something sticks out through the skin it is a source of infection, so usually you want to try and have the whole implant in the body with the skin closed behind it. So for a watch you would want to design one that sat under the skin and was bright enough to be seen through the skin.

    Changing batteries is not as big a problem as you might think. Implanted devices can be powered externally and batteries can be charged without needing to touch them, similar to an electric tooth brush or shaver.