Question: have you ever invented anything?


  1. No, not really. The general definition for having invented something, is being able to patent it. While I have designed several machines and methods that did not exists before I made them, none of them were worthy of a patent.

    A patent is where you register you invention with a patent agency (e.g. IP Australia) to show that you were the first person to do it. Before they let you register it they check that it is the first thing of it’s kind. Once you invention is patented other people need permission from you to sell your invention.


  2. Sometimes I invent words… like dinfest – that late night midnight snack you have after dinner but before breakfast!

    My malaria vaccine is a kind of invention – but as Lee says – its not official till you have a patent. Hopefully I will get to call my vaccine an invention soon, but I need to prove that it works first 🙂