Question: would it ever be able to snow in Katherine ?

  1. The main problem with getting snow an Katherine is that the air temperature needs to be below zero. Unfortunately until that happens there is no chance of snow In Katherine.

    However, we don’t go to Katherine to see snow! Katherine has other great things to see, the rivers and the northern bushland!


  2. There are certain weather conditions that you need for snow:
    1) Low temperatures all the way from the sky to the ground
    2) Air that is saturated with moisture – as the snow is made from water vapour in the air.

    In Katherine it does get very cold overnight, so you might get frost – but Katherine is very dry in winter, so there isn’t enough water vapour in the air to make snow.


  3. It does sometimes get cold in Katherine, but it needs to be really cold (close to freezing) at the same time as having a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. This combination never happens in Katherine because it’s in the tropics and quite close to sea level.