Question: what is the craziest thing you have ever done being a scientist?

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  1. The craziest thing i ever did was go on an 8 week science course in the States, where we lived on campus all summer and it was like a full-on science camp! We did lectures during the day and then we all did experiments into the night.

    And there was 14 of us from all over the world, Germany, England, Chile, Argentina, Nigeria… such a fantastic group of smart people. One night we had an experiment where we had to take a sample every 4 hours for 24 hours, so we all stayed up in teams to get everything done. It was pretty crazy, but heaps of fun. Team-work science, and I loved every bit of it!


  2. Easily some of the experiments I have volunteered for.

    The craziest would be being hung upside down by my feet, with a tube down my throat to measure the pressure in my chest, electrodes all over me and having to control my breathing without laughing.

    There are rumours the next next version will involve also being underwater.


  3. I have been the “guinea pig” in a few experiments to help out friends, but nothing too dangerous.

    Probably the craziest thing I’ve ever heard a scientist do was when the Australian scientist Barry Marshall drank a beaker full of bacteria to prove that it would cause stomach ulcers. Turns out he wasn’t so crazy after all because he won the Nobel Prize a few years ago!! Marie Curie did some pretty crazy stuff using radiation on herself a long time ago, in fact it ended up killing her. The of course there’s Beaker from Muppet Labs… he’s every scientists hero