Question: What do you hope to achive by being a scientist??

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  1. I don’t think I can answer all the world’s unanswered questions by being a scientist.

    But if I can solve just one small problem or issue by asking the right questions and getting clues from what other scientists have found along the way – that would make me very happy indeed!


  2. I hope that I can help find some new treatments for cancer. I can’t solve everything,and I can’t help research everything,but if I can contribute to something that will help people – especially cancer patients – I’ll be pretty happy 🙂


  3. I hope to be able to advance our knowledge and learn things that will improve peoples lives.

    As a medical scientist, I really hope to be able find news ways to prevent illness, injury and disability as well as finding new ways to help people who are already sick and/or disabled. Because my work focuses on movement control finding new ways to help people with movement disabilities is a long term goal of my work.