Question: how long can a cow live without food?

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  1. All animals have stores of energy and fats that can keep them going through lean times. Cows can actually go for one or two months without food – but cannot survive that long without water! Without water cows become dehydrated and stressed, and wouldn’t be able to survive more than a week.

    So access to water is more important to access to food. How long the cow would live with water and without food would then depend on how fat the cow was to start with!


  2. all animals have energy stored as fat and glycogen, and can even burn the protein in their muscles to make energy under really extreme conditions. So, most can last for some time without food, and usually a bigger animal can last longer because it carries more stored energy.

    Not many animals can live long without water though, humans (and cows) can only live a few days without any fresh water. This is because your body needs to use water to keep the chemical reactions in your body going, and also to get rid of the toxic waste products of all those reactions. You lose quite a lot of water just breathing. So, you actually dehydrate pretty quickly if you aren’t constantly drinking water and would die of this long before you died of starvation