Question: do you believe in revolution? and why

  1. Well, which type of revolution?

    Revolution like a wheel revolves on an axle? Yes I believe that, I have seen it.

    Revolution like people over throwing their government (e.g. French Revolution)? I believe its up to the people. If they are being treated badly by their government it is probably a good idea to revolt.

    Perhaps this is a spelling mistake and you mean Evolution (Darwin, etc)? Yes, I believe in Evolution. This is because I have seen the evidence for it, have thought about it and agree with it.


  2. Revolution or evolution? I like spinning around on the dance floor – but that’s probably not what you meant.

    Evolution is happening all around us, it can be measured and it can effect us in our everyday lives . When bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics – that’s a form of evolution. Each winter the flu virus changes it’s coat so that our immune system won’t recognise it – that’s a form of evolution.

    So I believe in evolution – cause it’s happening all around us all the time!