Question: Could you use nanotechnology to get the malaria out of our bodies?

  1. There are lots of definitions nanotechnology, and arguments about what nanotechnology *is* but I think about nanotechnology as engineering on a molecular level.

    For malaria, scientists are looking at ways to use nanotechnology to boost the effectiveness of malaria drugs. Malaria lives inside the red blood cells of the body, so a drug to kill malaria has to first get into the red blood cell and then get into the malaria parasite. And there are a lot of barriers, like all the cell membranes, that stop the drugs getting through.

    So nanotechnology tools are being made to carry the malaria drugs through these barriers and to deliver the drugs right to the malaria parasite and kill it. It hasn’t been proven yet, but nanotechnology-based drug carriers are a promising lead in the treatment of malaria.



  1. And if you’re interested, more info on nanotechnology is available at the TechNyou site here: