Question: Are new sicknesses still developing?

  1. Yes, new diseases are still developing. Like the SARS virus that emerged in 2003, it was a completely new virus that no one had ever seen before. Thankfully, researchers were quick to isolate the virus and identify it, but SARS did cause many deaths and illnesses across the world.

    And some of the diseases we already know about are constantly changing. Like the flu which changes its coat every year to escape from our immune system, or bacteria that can develop resistance to antibiotics.

    Sometimes it feels like scientists are in a constant battle with microbes, and we need to keep researching cures to keep one step ahead of them!


  2. As Krystal said infectious diseases are still (and always) developing and evolving.

    In addition, to that we are constantly identifying new non-infectious diseases or new versions of existing ones that require a different treatment. For example, these days we know about several different types of dementia that have different causes and so will require different treatments, but many of them used to be seen of as the same disease.