Question: what made you want to choose science as a career?

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  1. I’m naturally a very curious person and always asking WHY and HOW?? 😀

    So I decided to go for a career where I can get paid to ask questions, instead of being told what to do!

    Also, I’m fascinated by the way the human body works and why we get certain diseases which is why I decided to choose medical research.


  2. To be honest, I think science chose me rather than the other way around.

    I tried a few different things at uni and after my degree to try and move away from science (including being a “professional” ski bum) because it’s a pretty tough career path to follow, but I kept coming back to doing research. I just have an insatiable appetite to find out how things work, especially the human body.


  3. I chose to go to uni to study science and engineering because that’s what most interested me at the end of high school. I did not chose to have a career in science until the end of my 4th year at uni, after I had got my first job in science and enjoyed it.


  4. Cause science is cool. Ok, cool in a geeky kind of way, but there is so much to learn and so much we don’t understand yet – and I want to know everything! And the human body is incredible…

    Also I wanted a career that was interesting to me, that let me use my brain but something that was still hands-on and practical. And I picked medical research so I can work on something that might make a difference to people’s lives. I guess I still want to try and save the world…


  5. I think there really wasn’t much choice for me – ever since I was quite young I wanted to find out how things worked, so I picked science so I could find out how things worked – from stars to cells! I like to read widely in science and apart from medical research I’ve also done some work in nanotechnology,which was really cool.But in the end I wanted to study how diseases form and find ways of treating them.