Question: What are marshmellows made of and how do they go squishy when you put them on heat?

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  1. Marshmallows are made of a number of ingredients,like cornflour, gelatin, colours and flavouring.It’s the gelatin that makes marshmallows what they are – a bit squishy,but still holding their own shape.Gelatin has a relatively low melting temperature – say,less than butter or some fats like lard.Gelatin’s melting temperature is about 30o centigrade.So anything with gelatin, like jelly for instance,melts in your mouth.So when you put marshmallows on heat, they go squishy very easily because it’s actually melting in the heat.


  2. Marshmallows are mainly made of sugar! And the sugar softens when it’s heated.

    Also, marshmallows have lots of air in them, and when you heat them up the air expands, and so the marshmallow gets bigger. When I’m roasting marshmellows on the campfire I watch them expand and when they go “puff” I know they’re ready to eat. Yum!


  3. The most basic marshmallow is made from sugar, water and gelatine that’s been whipped up full of air like whipped cream. The gelatine and the air gives them their shape. So when you heat them the gelatine softens and they go squishy. If you keep heating them the sugar catches on fire.