Question: How many eliments do you know with out looking at the table of eliments. I know 10?

  1. Off the top of my head? I can recall about 12 elements.If you gave me another few minutes I could think my way through 20.The periodic table is actually quite easy to learn when you get the hang of it.It was created by a brilliant Russian scientist called Mendeleev. He recognised that many elements had similar characteristics, so he found a way to group them in a table so that by looking at the position of the element ,you could make a really good guess at what it’s properties were – like reactivity etc .

    So elements all in the same column have similar properties. Like Group 1, where sodium can be found .All of these Group 1 metals (also knowns as alkali metal, : have similar properties, they are soft (Yep.Soft heard it here first) and very, very reactive. So if you didn’t know what sodium looked like,if you knew what the other elements in that group were like,you’d make a good guess at what sodium was like. Then running along the rows,you see increases in atomic weight. What Mendeleev did was really smart, because he didn’t know all of the elements at the time, but he predicted that certain elements would be found based on the table.

    So once you get the hang of it, it can be easy to learn most of the periodic table. I think I learned up to 50 in high school. You just get a bit forgetful as you get older ..


  2. The first ten are still etched in my brain from high school, I can still name them in a row.. and then I can remember some of the ones with cool names like Einsteinium and Curium…

    So only a few more than you!


  3. In high school we had to learn the first twenty and I can still recall most of them. Add to that common metals and a few specialist elements I know about and I could probably name 20-30 of the bat and another ten or so if you give me a few minutes.


  4. You know what this means, right guys?? It’s time for a PERIODIC TABLE BATTLE!!!

    Hahaha… I know quite a few because Chemistry was my favourite subject in high school… I reckon I could take Lee on in an Elemental Battle! 😛