Question: How do you know if a tree is dying ? If so is their anything i could do.

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  1. This depends a little bit on the tree. Some trees make it obvious that they are sick others hold on and then then suddenly drop dead. Typical sign of dying trees are leaves turing brown when they are not supposed to, branches going black and buds going black.

    If you think a tree is dying can can try to save it by working out what the problem is, treating it and then looking after the tree. For example if it is not getting enough water, give it some water. If it has a pest or disease you need to get rid of it. This can be tricky because some problems are under the ground. For example, if there is a bug eating the trees roots you will not see it. You can also try reading about that particular species of tree, you may be able to find out what is making it sick.

    If you treat any visible problems and look after the tree, it will do it’s best to come back. Also don’t give up straight away on a tree that looks dead. Some trees, especially Australian native, will look dead and then come back if you look after them for a little while.