Question: How did you become interested in the function brains, muscles and nerves?

  1. It sort of found me, one step at a time.

    I’ve always been interested in science and how things work but I have also always played sport. When I got to uni and was studying science I had to choose what type of science. I decided to study physiology (how the body works), physics (how the universe works) and maths (how to describe things with numbers).

    In the first year of physiology we studied all types of physiology and I most enjoyed the subjects about the nervous system and exercise or sport. In my last year of physiology I had to choose what type of physiology to study and I so I chose the subjects I liked most the ones about the nervous system and the ones about exercise.

    Then when I moved on to research I chose a field which sort of combines the two, that is how the nervous system control the muscles.