Question: Can a cheetah run faster than a speeding car ?

  1. The cheetah can run at speeds up to 120 km/hr in short bursts when hunting it’s prey – which is definitely faster than most cars on the motorway! Well, ones that are travelling at the legal speed limit anyway! 😉


  2. Great question!! There have been several measurements of how fast a cheetah can run, both in the wild and in captivity, and the top speeds for a cheetah are between 102 km per hour and 114 km per hour.

    So it depends on how fast your speeding car is going – is it doing more than 100 km per hour?
    If not – Cheetah WINS!

    BUT, a cheetah can only run at these top speeds for short bursts, probably only for 200 meters at a time. So if it was a long distance, the car would outpace the cheetah.
    So – car WINS!

    However, cars can take a long time to reach top speed; 0 to 100 km per hour takes at least 10 to 15 seconds in most cars. But a cheetah can reach top speed in less than 3 seconds!
    So in a race to the top speed – Cheetah WINS!

    What do you reckon? Cheetah or car?


  3. Depends what kind of car you’re talking about. A cheetah would beat most cars (even really expensive sports cars) to top speed (which can be over 100km/h) but it can’t run that fast for very long. So in any race over more than about 500 meters, the car would win most times… unless it was my old Holden Gemini, which would be lucky to make it to 100km/h 😉


  4. A cheater should be able to out run most road cars over short distances and it would accelerate faster than most sports cars, but they can’t run long distances. Over a couple of hundred metres the cheater would beat most cars, over a longer distance even road car would win.

    This brings up an interesting point about us humans. We are slow compared to other animals, but apart from a few species of horse we are the only ones who can run long distances. We could beat most animals in a marathon.