Question: You mentioned that you are looking for new treatments which don't make the patients feel sick, are there any other attributes that you would like the new treatments to have?

  1. Yes,there are many more attributes that you want a treatment to have, good question!For any treatment, we want it to be efficient,that is it treats the disease effectively, gets rid of the cancer in our case.We want a treatment to target the disease itself,and nothing else if possible.We want the treatment to produce little if any side effects (but it’s pretty hard to avoid side effects in any treatment). We would also like it to be cheap and easy to produce, so it’s not expensive for patients to have,and therefore more people can have it. Because chemotherapy can make people very sick when they take it to treat cancer,we hope that the treatments we are working on will mean patients won’t have to have it, or will use chemo in tandem with our treatment,so that it’s doubly or triple-ly effective in getting rid of the cancer.