Question: what inspired youy to become a scientist?

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  1. Ever since I was little, I wanted to find out how things worked.So I’ve always wanted to be a scientist: I wanted to know how the universe formed, how do plants make food, how does the body work.For a long time,my main interest was space,and I wanted to be an astronomer and maybe an astronaut.Then someone gave me a book about biotechnology when I was 13, and I was so fascinated by it’s descriptions of molecular biology,that is,how the body functions at the molecular level,that I decided to pursue that! And now here I am as a medical researcher years later..

    I should also say,I ended up in cancer research because it’s such a tricky disease to treat,and we need all the research we can carry out to find treatments.


  2. I have always been curious about how things work and my parents tell me I was one of those kids that asked a lot of questions. But the one thing that really got me interested in biology was watching David Attenborough’s amazing natural history TV shows and books.