Question: So do you think your on your way to finding one or not???

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  1. I hope so! My research plan is to take the malaria vaccine I have made in the lab and test it in people within the next two to three years. This will involve re-making the vaccine under sterile and safe laboratory conditions so that it can be injected into people. The next stage will be a clinical trial – a hospital based test that will give the vaccine to a small number of people in Australia to make sure it’s safe. I’ll look at how people respond to the vaccine, to make sure it doesn’t make anyone sick, and measure how each person’s immune system reacts to the vaccine. So it might take a few more years, but I think I am on my way to finding out whether my malaria vaccine is going to work!


  2. We’re on our way! What we ,that is my lab and I, are looking at are some new treatments for cancer, that harness the immune system to help fight cancer.What we’re doing right now is the basic research on these treatments. We look to see if the treatment has a consistent effect on cancer.Once we’ve confirmed that,we move on to produce the treatment in a form that would be safe to use in patients.Then we would go through several stages of clinical trials so we can see whether the treatment helps patients with cancer,see if they have any side effects.It’s important to realise that there are many different kinds of cancer.Some cancers express more of one kind of gene than another.So there probably won’t be one single treatment for cancer,but a few that will be developed to treat different kinds of cancers.